Typical routers are usually not so much sexy devices in the world of gadget. But if your router is working well then you don’t give it a second thought. But when your Internet connection or Wi-Fi gets disconnected then you get furious and you maybe reboot your router. But there is no such problem in the Netgear D6400 AC1600 router. The look of the router is quite sexy, so you don’t need to keep the router away from your sight. Most important feature of the router is that the router is more has a more stable connection than other routers. So you don’t have to get furious about your internet connection or Wi-Fi connection.

Netgear D6400 AC1600-5

The front side of the router is like a mirror because it is so much reflective and it attracts fingerprints with so much simplicity like typical smartphone screen. There is a luminous purple band at the top of the router, which actually don’t have any function. But it enriches the black design of the router. All the edges are angled roughly and the rear of the chassis got some triangular holes that used for air vents.


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